SBT - Tiếng anh mới

Unit 1. Nice to see you again

Unit 2. I'm from Japan

Unit 3. What day is it today?

Unit 4. When's your birthday?

Unit 5. Can you swim?

Unit 6. Where's your school?

Unit 7. What do you like doing?

Unit 8.What subject do you have today?

Unit 9. What are they doing?

Unit 10. Where were you yesterday?

Unit 11. What time is it?

Unit 12. What does your father do?

Unit 13. Would you like some milk?

Unit 14. What does he look like?

Unit 15. When's Children's Day?

Unit 16. Let's go to the bookshop

Unit 17. How much is the T-shirt?

Unit 18. What's your phone number?

Unit 19. What animal do you want to see?

Unit 20. What are you going to do this summer?